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Baxter, no other furniture breathes as much natural sophistication

Baxter stands for pure, noble and traditional. Their extraordinary respect for nature is evident from their choice of leather. This noble and natural source material has its own history, unique curves and a genuine character. A unique inspiration for the designer collective, each of the designers speak the same language of passion and sophistication. Because they share the same vision on art, their different perspectives magically come together in one refined collection.

Tufty time seating system B&B Italia showroom Art Nivo

Tufty-Time '15, by B&B Italia

Even though it might seems like it was yesterday, ten years have passed since the launch of the Tufty-Time seating system, inspired by the creativity of Patricia Urquiola. Tufty-Time ’15 celebrates this achievement, featuring a new textile version. With its large squares and kick pleat, the fabric creates an undeniably contemporary look.

Ray Modular sofa B&B Italia

Ray, by B&B Italia

Ray is a modular sofa born of the precious convergence of proportions and volumes typical of Antonio Citterio. Far from any obvious attempt to be different, Ray is a modular system that starts with linear elements, chaise longues, terminal elements and a stool, which can be used to form all sorts of configurations - even corner and peninsula models. A main feature is the die-cast U-shaped foot that, along with the seat cushions, contributes to creating an image of Ray as a low sofa.

 floor lamp, plaid in your sofa, a soft carpet showroom Art Nivo


Small changes have a big impact on your home decoration. Adding a floor lamp, a well chosen plaid in your sofa, a soft carpet or, for example, a single table in the corner, immediately gives your space an entirely different look. One detail can make your existing interior warmer, cozier and more personal.

versatile sofa component system Avio Sofa by Knoll showroom Art Nivo

Avio Sofa System, by Knoll

Avio, designed by Piero Lissoni, is the new, contemporary and versatile sofa component system, to reinterpret and make better use of any type of space. It is ideal for those who appreciate solid, elegant design and who prefer a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle.

Versatile, intelligent, flexible: System Porro showroom Art Nivo

Interparete, System by Porro

Versatile, intelligent, flexible: System meets your needs in terms of personality, inclinations and lifestyle. With the wide variety and superior quality of its finishes, System is the ideal solution to plan custom furnishing projects, since it can be adapted to create highly diverse settings: classic, sophisticated, informal, elegant or traditional. Multifunctional and eclectic because of the many functions it provides, System can be used as a bookcase, a module for electronic media, an office area, or even to divide rooms.

Meetingroom Art Nivo

Meetings ...

The refurbishment of 'meeting rooms' has more influence than you think. Connectivity, cable management, interior decoration, lighting and acoustics ... it all matters. This pleasant and inspiring space lends itself not only for a professional meeting, but also for dinner, drinks or just for watching TV.

Bureau - werkplek Art Nivo Gent

Our Living office…

Is our natural and desirable workplace that fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity, and, ultimately, greater prosperity and comfort for all.